Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ted Lieu on Tanning Salons

Melanoma is a serious condition, a malignant yet subtle invasion of a person's integumentary system, which may then infiltrate the blood stream and spread cancer throughout a person's body. President Ronald Reagan succeeded his daughter Maureen in death because of her failure to detect a growth behind her leg.

Patricia Krenctil of Nutley has been burned across the front page of tabloids and major newspapers along the East Coast. Granted, the allegation that the browned-out mother had her daughter forced under tanning should concern us, the regulation of tanning salons should be the least of our concerns.

Yet the cancer today which Californians, including our legislators, must pay closer attention to is the malignant yet oppressive expansion of government and debt.

Senator Lieu, please shine some light, burn through the deficit spending which is wearing away the golden gleam of the Golden State. You owe it to the voters, to your constituents, to your children.

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