Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ted Lieu Belongs in a Zoo

Our youth are suffering in substandard schools in crowded classrooms with overwhelmed or incompetent teachers.

Businesses are fleeing the state of California in growing numbers because of excessive regulation, taxation, and government infiltration.

California boasts one of the largest welfare system in the country, with few signs of significant reform to train recipients to get off the dole and find a role to fulfill in society.

Last but not least, the state legislature has not passed a balanced budget in years without resorting to rosy revenue projects, jumbled accounted, or projected tax increases which never materialize.

Sacramento faces a number of compelling problems which deserve immediate attention, yet State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Redondo Beach) is more worried about the plight of bears pursued by hunting dogs.

"It's been likened to shooting a bear at a zoo," Lieu said. "It's simply not fair."

In reality, what is not fair or responsible or even believable is that the South Bay's state Senator is pursuing the well-being of animals instead of the voters who brought him into office.

If he cared about animals so much, Lieu should have run for state dog-catcher, which would have allowed him to pursue the inane policies of microchipping animals and preventing the private sale of domestic animals.

If anyone belongs in a zoo, it's Senator Ted Lieu who, whether out of cruel indifference or crude self-aggrandizement, refuses to take legislative action to deal with the debt, dysfunction, and the doom-day scenario of state default.

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